Sound apps

The following websites have tools and media that produce sound that you could use with _splutter.

  • Archive.org has a large repository of sound files, videos and software that can be used freely.
  • Tapatone allows you to make sounds by typing on your computer keyboard.
  • Patatap interesting sounds and graphics controlled by your computer keyboard.
  • Music grid plays a melody along a sequence of chords.
  • SunVox is a modular synth/ tracker for almost any device/ platform.
  • DataDada uses the data from your hard drive to generate sound + visuals.
  • Tone generator just creates tones.
  • Live coding with Gibber allows you to create instant audio and visuals in the browser using scripts.
  • Freesound is a repository of audio samples that has a really good search engine.

Kindred ideas

  • Astronaut.io will play random youtube videos that are new with almost no views and fit a certain filtering condition.
  • MSHR are artists creating awesome crazy VR art stuff.
  • High fidelity was a VR platform but has since pivoted to focus on 3D spatial audio, focused on group chat.


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