2020-12-04 23:59:27 - UI updated

_noisecrypt is a platform for live audio streaming in the browser. You can record in the browser, you can listen in the browser.
We build for an experimental mentality. There are tools to increase randomness, utilise multiple channels, and invent new ways to share sounds.
The platform is under active development, recordings and features may disappear suddenly. If you want stability, the code is available for you to hack together something suitable for your needs.

Getting started:
# Create - allows you to generate unique streaming URLs, think of these as tapes you can record and listen to. These are also added/removed from hubs (see # Hubs).
# Record - receives audio from your microphone channels (or other audio input device) and sends it to selected streaming URLs (see # Create).
# Listen - downloads audio from streaming URLs (see # Create), discovered via hubs (see # Hubs), and plays it through your speaker channels (or other audio output device).
# Hubs - groups for streaming URLs (see # Create) to make discovery/sharing/management of the individual streams easier (and randomer).

- The various features currently favor randomness. Hubs randomly serve URLs, stream URLs select random, non-linear starting points, and the playback randomly decides to change what stream is playing.
- The randomness is likely going to be less implicit and you'll have these features as an option rather than the default setting.
- The URLs you create (hubs, streams) are only remembered in your browser, so if you clear your browser storage you will need to add them manually later.
- Saving your URL information and other stuff will be introduced in a future feature.
- Recorded audio is saved on the server until the webmaster removes it.
- Managing recorded audio and automated deletion will be introduced in a future feature.

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